INTERACCION 2014: Conferenciantes confirmados (IV)

Ramón Ceres 
Conference: Importance of the interaction alternative channels with the computer in people with disabilities.

 PhD in Physics Sciences by the Complutense University of Madrid and Research Professor in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), in the Industrial Automation Institute (IAI). Dr. Ceres has developed and managed numerous research projects on the sensors field and on the information treatment for the processes and robots control, all of them financed by the administration and international industries (Esprit, Brite, Eureka, CYTED). The working fields have been diverse, but in the last years Dr. Ceres is mainly focused on agricultural applications and on the autonomy improvement of people with some type of disability. He has work as evaluator and expert for international organisms. In addition Dr. Ceres has been Spanish representative of the Management Committee in the European Union program related with Industrial and Material Technologies (BRITE/EURAM III and IV). He now is Coordinator of Iberoeka Projects into the Program CYTED.

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